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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I am watching inside the writer's room. So far this has been the best documentary feature on the TNG season sets.

I watched it too. What a great panel discussion. I really liked how comprehensive it was, covering the overall series and not just the third season. I was wondering if them moving on to bigger projects, especially with Ron Moore and DS9 and Battlestar Galactica would hinder their opinions of TNG but it sounded like they genuinely loved working there, despite the turmoil in the early seasons. I especially liked what they said about Jeri Taylor. I hope Burnett and Ley, Jr get her for an interview for Season 4. I would love to know what she is up to these days.
It was also interesting to hear RDM's story about the episode Family, and how Gene basically trashed it. I thought it was a great episode. Also, by season 7 the writer's room was running short on people and short on ideas. It was also fun how RDM demonstrated on the white board how they used to break an episode, and later in the special they were saying how seeing the words on the board made it seems like the old days

They all took what they had learned on Trek to projects they did later. Just look at RDM. When he finally left during Voyager he couldn't stand the direction the show was going. BSG was a direct reflection of everything he felt was wrong with Voyager, and the Roddenberry Box.

If there was a theme to the special features this season, it was the constant fighting with Gene Roddenberry on the smallest minutiae. From the Jeremy being too evolved debate, to the whole Spock thing, to Family, it sounded like Gene just had a ton of issues. I really do wonder how TNG would have turned out had he kept it in his grasp. I hate to say it because I thank Gene for Star Trek, but it sounds like he did Star Trek a favor by stepping back.
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