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Re: The good things thread

Propita, I know exactly how you feel - my aunt died from skin cancer, 3 years ago and when I happened to discover a rather dark mole on my back last week I immediately had my GP check it. Fortunately, mine was harmless too. Apparently, when we get older, new moles get darker and bigger than our childhood ones.
Luckily, my insurance pays for a complete skin checkup once a year.
Congrats at having such a vigilant hubby! He deserves a candlelight dinner and a long night

Kirkman, I'll keep my fingers crossed for your date! Casablanca is a cool choice. Last time I saw a movie with a guy it was the Muppets Christmas Carol... Ahem - yes, it's been a while...

{{{{{Australis}}}}} Congratulations, old man!! One worry off your list. Now grab a few buddies, go out and celebrate!

Velocity, enjoy your newly won freedom! I'm so envious!

TSQ, that's a totally cool video! I've always liked experimenting with new food and think it's very important to offer children a wide choice so that they don't start to for examply refuse all kinds of veggies but learn that there are some really tasty ones as well.
a hug a day keeps the psychiatrist away
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