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On RoboCop 2, the story was from Frank Miller. That explains it. I do not mean that as a compliment, I have never been a fan of his writing. I am aware the finished film is different from his original script but his influence was still clear.
Oh, no question. It's become clear over the years that gratuitous excess is Miller's trademark. Even looking back at the things he did when he was still any good, like The Dark Knight Returns, they're still laden with excess and as far from subtlety as you can get.

It was different back than. Without the internet it was not as easy to know what the content of a movie was before seeing it.
But that's what ratings are for. You'd think the banner saying "R: Restricted -- Under 17 Requires Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian" would've tipped parents off that this wasn't a kiddie film.

To be fair, the first half-hour of RoboCop 2 does feature some decent character work, delving into Robo's angst and his pain at losing his family, before completely going off the rails into crass excess. The Series drew on those character dynamics, though taking a different direction continuity-wise (in R2, Murphy's wife knew that his "remains" had been turned into RoboCop, but in the series, she didn't know and Robo didn't want her to find out). So R2 deserves credit for contributing that, at least, but overall the series handled things better.
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