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Maybe they were simply better distributed.
Nah, Paramount has done poorly all along selling Star Trek outside the US and the English-speaking world.

I think this example illustrates the problem. In the mid-90s, public TV in Sweden wanted to air a sci-fi or Star Trek show because TNG was doing quite well on a small Swedish satellite channel. And there were several Star Trek clubs starting around the country because of the success of TNG.

But the buyer for public TV had no clue about what he to do, so he asked one of the presenters who is a big Star Trek fan. The presenter told him about Voyager. And the buyer decided to buy the show on his recommendation.

One would think that Paramount actually tried to market and sell their own shows. But no.

I guess they still think the same way: "Star Trek just isnīt popular in many markets so just do as little as possible, and if we have to do something letīs sell Star Trek as something else. Like a cop movie Or a Benedict Cumberbatch movie"

But the fun fact is that when Voyager premiered on Swedish TV almost 800 000 people tuned in early June of 1998. Thatīs a high figure given the broadcast date and the fact that there were about nine million Swedes at the time. In fact, it actually matched the ratings in the US when you adjust for population.
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