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Re: Some more info on The Fall... (sorry if repost)

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Blurb for the third novel, A Ceremony of Losses
I feel so spoiled. When I became a ST fan in December 1979, desperately seeking out previous TOS episodes that had featured Andorians, revisiting "Yesteryear" (TAS) and "Mr Spock's Time Trek" (its View-Master adaptation) - and wishing Paramount would do a sequel to TMP featuring John Phillip Law as a rogue Andorian antagonist - I never imagined that so many tie-in novels (and episodes of "Enterprise") would start focusing on Andorians decades down the track.


I've recently found myself referring to anyone with very fair hair, especially that weird dyed-grey look that many 18-19 year olds seem to be going for lately, as 'Andorians'. I've come to the conclusion that this may be a bad trait I've developed.
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