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Last night, BBC2 in England aired "The Star Trek Story", a documentry from the mid-1990's which did it's very best to paint Trek fans as complete freaks. Nichelle Nicols sang a lot. They recycled parts of Trekkies (the woman who went to jury duty in her TNG uniform, the guys dressing as Klingons). A girl read her K/S slash fanfic. If the film flops here (and I saw it with a grand total of 14 other people on opening day), blame them.
Ugh glad I missed it, though I have a suspicion I will have watched it already on one of the BBCs Star Trek Nights in either 1996 or 2001.

The Star Trek Story on channel 5 last Thursday at 8pm sounds much better, it went back to the beginning and had actors playing Roddenberry and herb solow as they pitched the show. Discovery channel showed Trek Nation last night which was ok.
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