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Re: 7X12 Nightmare in Silver(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS)

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Enjoyable episode but not an instant classic like "The Doctor's Wife," which is a bit disappointing for this Gaiman fan, although I have a feeling I need to watch this episode again.

The Doctor vs. Cyber-Doctor scenes were wonderfully written, directed and acted (although it seems I missed all of The Doctor impressions sans The Tenth). The redesigned Cybermen and Cybermats were wonderful, loved how they barely spoke (but no "Delete!" or "Excellent!"), and I look forward to seeing them again.

Warwick Davis would have stolen the show if Matt Smith wasn't supremely excellent. Unfortunately, Angie was very annoying, although I liked Artie, but the biggest problem is there is no need for them in the episode (and retrospectively, the end of the last episode). Gaiman is usually good at writing children (Coraline, The Graveyard Book) so I'm surprised by the result here.

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So instead of cybermats we have cyber-roaches?
I thought "cybergnats" was a shoo-in.
I thought The Doctor said "Cybermites" but either one works.
In my defense, I posted before he said "Cybermites".

Cybermites flows off the tongue better than the other two options.

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On the good side, the new Cybes were impressive, their abilities mostly improvements (I actually pitched fast Raston-like Cybes in 1994, for what eventually changed monsters and became the Sontaran story Lords of The Storm), though the detachable parts reminded me most of Kryten in the Terrorform episode of Red Dwarf), and Warwick Davis was good.
At least Kryten's hand only crawled up Dave's pants. It didn't kill anyone.

It seemed like only that one Cyberman had the weird abilities, or at least it's the only one that used them, no?
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