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Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2013 - Malmö

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Looking forward to this, as it's a good excuse for friends over and a few drinks. It's usually good for a laugh. I can see the UK doing poorly again, basically just repeating last year with another old star being wheeled out with a mediocre song. I was a fan of Englebert's song, but compared to the majority of acts last year there was no energy in the performance. I'm not quite sure when we'll learn our lesson. The best year we had in a long time was when Andrew Lloyd Webber had a hand in the selection, and there was a whole series dedicated to picking the winner. The BBC have only gone backwards in their thinking since then, and then wonder why we do horribly. Oh well. The other song I've heard so far was the Belgian entry. I was all geared up to listen to the whole song list on YouTube, but that was first and it was pretty dull. And then I stopped listening! I'm sure I'll come back to it before the semis though.
The BBC don't care, it's a ratings hit no matter what, there's unfortunately not much motivation from them to do well anymore (), so they just get the biggest washed-up name they can find to attract press.

Also, the Belgian one is one of the more boring ones, so don't let that put you off.

MacLeod wrote: View Post
Isn't the point to do badly but not too badly so as to avoid the expense of hosting it the following year?
2nd is doing badly? Nah. There's 39 countries in it to win it (most of them), coming in the top 15 I'd count as a hit. Although obviously hosting is expensive it can sometimes be worth it with the new developments and interest it brings, I think Helsinki and Baku did very well in the long term out of hosting it recently.

Sweden actually have gone on a budget this year, spending less than half of what Azerbaijan spent in an attempt to make hosting more attractive for less economically well-off countries. The one-upmanship that was happening from contest to contest with all the pretty pyrotechnics and screens is not necessarily needed for a great contest. Although we'll have to see how that works; they have booked loads of big Swedish names for the interval acts so I'm looking forward that regardless of relative Svenska stinginess.
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