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I believe so, though I think the correct sub-forum is one of the Trek Fandom or Misc. Trek. Not sure which one exactly as I don't go into those sub-forums that often.
I would have figured the proper forum would be Trek gaming. I don't think it'd be a big deal too so long as he weren't just clearly repeatedly spamming or bumping advertising threads and actually just discussing it. But beyond that "think so" I'd wait for a mod to get back to you on that before I start doing it. They do come down on spamming/advertising pretty hard here.
well to me that ain't a spam or an ad, Im just getting people who might be interested online gaming that we use RPG-X which uses the same detail as Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force and everyone on The Last Outpost including myself makes their own story like if its in the future in time or Way before Starfleet exists but yeah I wait till then
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