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Well, I went to great lengths to avoid spoilers, trailers, even hanging up my Mod coat here last week to avoid anybody on the BBS blurting out the news. It *nearly* got spoiled when I went to the toilet just before the screening as people were talking about it and I asked them to please don't (thankfully they laughed and agreed! ). PHEW!

I saw the film on IMAX 3D.

It was A+ ratign for me - absolutely awesome. I loved the reversal TWOK when it was Kirk dying and not Spock - although I guessed the Khan blood tribble revival thing at that moment. Very cynical of me, would have been better if they killed Kirk off and then brought him back in the next movie.

I had no idea about Khan at all - I thought they did a great job of hiding him as Harrison. Absolutely brilliant. Spocks "Khaaaan" was a joy.

I also loved the very small tips of the hat, such as the exploded moon of Praxis, D4 cruisers, the model ships etc.

One of the highlights was the Enterprise comming out from the water and later from the cloud line. Beautiful shots. The Dreadnought crashing into the planet was also great. I thought for a moment the Enterprise was going to saucer separate and be destroyed and for them to get a "-A" starship.

The ending, whereby they did the whole "Space the final frontier" followed by the Alexander Courage music was also pretty awesome.

Best bit - Nimoy cameo - I had no idea that was going to happen and I was smiling throughout.

The previous night I had watched the 2009 film so it married together perfectly.

I shall see it again, but won't bother too much with the 3D expense - big screen is enough for me.

I wholeheartedly recommend it to you.
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