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I was in a really, really bleak mood when I saw the movie yesterday but I'm quite sure that didn't have much to do with my opinion of it.

TWoK is, IMO, one of the most overpraised, overhyped and overrated things in Trek and this movie came across as TWoK-lite (albeit with much nicer effects, something I basically couldn't care less about). One of the things I liked most about '09 was the fact it jettisoned pretty much all the Trek baggage and gave TPTB a blank canvas to play with. The fact the first thing they did was go back to one of the most stupid villains in Trek...the mind just boggles. I'd "dreaded" (not the right word, but anyway) Khan turning up in this movie and craptacular mood or not, my eyes just about rolled out of my head and started bouncing on the floor when "Harrison" announced who he actually was. Then to essentially revisit TWoK...geez.

D. What a wasted opportunity.
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