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I keep coming back to Avengers as a comparison and just how ST XII failed where Avengers worked. There were plot holes in Avengers too, but the difference was that the plans were relatively simple so they might actually work. Kahnís plan is ridiculous. Plain and simple. So is Kirkís.

Marvel's films also manages to have a female cast that mainly isn't only there for the men to enjoy. And don't tell me they weren't in this film, because they are. Marcus is joked about in a sexualised way and shown in underwear and Uhura got to be mostly about her as a girlfriend to Spock. All of this is just just plain wrong.

This is just an action film with a Starfleet communicator pin on it.
You really think that Avenger's was some sort of feminist film in comparison in STID? You think their token superhero woman was any sort of leader? She was one of the lesser superheroes IMO. Left on the outside. No input into decisions. Why didn't they have a superhero woman who wasn't as nearly lame as the arrow guy - wonder woman, are there any other superhero women?. She wasn't in her underwear but that outfit she was wearing was pretty skintight.
Yes there aren't that many women leaders/operational staff in Star Trek because basically TOS and even TNG didn't have any women in power. At least in this incarnation Uhura goes on landing parties and isn't saying "I'm frightened" all over the place.
And the plan in Avengers was simple because all those superhero guys were simple. The only one with a brain or any charisma was Robert Downey Jnr. OK maybe I'm being a bit harsh - all the guys were pretty to look at and weren't really that bad. I just can't understand why this movie made so much money. It was all action, all simple predictable plot that was projected to the audience a mile off.

And you know in the end Kirk's plan worked because in any incarnation Kirk is awesome, has an awesome crew and is very lucky.

And yes everyone is entitled to like Avengers. I don't hate it. I just don't think its all that good.
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