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Seriously, I never liked TWOK because it's stupid. I know most people don't agree, but the old Khan was a total and utter dumbass with highly contrived motivations that didn't hold up to scrutiny at all. This new one is awesome. I loved it to bits.

As for the Avengers comparison: I love that too, I absolutely adore Tom Hiddleston in it (he's a glorious woobie, destroyer of worlds), but his plan was just about as nonsensical and convoluted as the one the villain in Skyfall had. I mean, come on, that was the dumbest way of getting everyone together on that flying ship thingie, ever. It made no sense whatsoever, and the odds of it working out were close to zero. I still like the film.

As for Cumby's character in ST XII...what's so ridiculous about his plan? He terrorised Starfleet to get his people back. Seems pretty straightforward to me. Nothing about anything felt shoehorned. It made perfect sense. I didn't detect any plothole big enough to take anything away from my enjoyment of this film.

But of course, YMMV.
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