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Re: Survivor 26: Fans vs Favorites Discussion

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I fucking haaaaaaaaaaate Dawn. I hate her attitude. I hate her chin. I hate her whining. I hate her instability. I hate her toothless mouth. I hate her hypocrisy. I hate her eyes. I hate her immaturity. I hate her crying.
Man, I'm right there with you. I think I loathe Dawn almost as much as Russel Hantz. If she comes back again, and I hope she never does, it should only be as one of the villains in another Heroes vs Villains season.

I don't blame any of the other players for getting rid of Brenda (though I would have stuck with the alliance for one more tribal and taken out Eddie first and then dragged Sherri along as the useless player no one will vote for instead), and she was plotting against Cochrane, so that's fair game. But for Dawn to do it after everything Brenda's done for her, and without any hesitation or even shedding a fucking tear after she's bawled like a newborn every day over the most insignificant crap imaginable? I can't stand her, I can't stand her shitty personality, and I can't stand the way she's played the game.

After seeing Brenda's performance in previous challenges, I totally believe her when she said she threw that last immunity challenge so paranoid Dawn could feel good and safe. I don't think Brenda was pulling a Phillip there. If so, Brenda shouldn't have done it, but she felt pretty well assured that Eddie was going first. She also should have won the reward challenge, because it's a Catch 22. If you give away the reward to the others, they'll consider you a threat because you're too well liked. If you keep it for yourself, they'll resent you. That's why Cochrane was smart enough to not even try to win.

Dawn played up the Eddie leaving first thing and then whined about never winning in order to get her friend Brenda to throw the challenge. Dawn threw a temper tantrum like a spoiled child because of the BBQ with the loved ones, which must have made Brenda feel like crap sitting there, but Brenda still comforted her. Brenda found her stupid teeth when that baby was ready to walk away from a million dollars without even trying to look for them herself. Brenda comforted her countless times. Brenda picked her to go on the BBQ with the loved ones until the evil Survivor change-up (which they should have known was coming) happened. Then Dawn had that stupid grin at tribal and went on and on about how they'd never get rid of Brenda after what she did. After the vote she didn't show any emotion or say "sorry" or anything. I think she's completely selfish and manipulative, and not just in terms of the game. It's no surprise that Brenda still won't speak to her now that they're back home.

Anyway, Brenda made some big mistakes in the end after playing a good low-key game the rest of the season, but I still felt bad for her. I understand why the others voted her off though, because she was a likeable person who was good at challenges, I just think Dawn should have stood up for her a bit or at least expressed some emotion like she's done every other minute of the show.
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