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Re: 7X12 Nightmare in Silver(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS)

diankra wrote: View Post
OK, I think my current season poll would probaly run something like...
1) The Crimson Horror
2) Nightmare in Silver
3) Bells of Saint John
4) Cold War
5) Journey to the Centre...
6) Hide
777) The Rings of Please No Not a Song.*

*Sorry, just can't be bothered to check the right spelling, so went with a lame jibe.
You've got to be kidding. Crimson was terrible. A little funny in places and I found that parasite thingy surprisingly cute, but other than that, awful. Plus I hate the stupid Sontaran Silurian lesbian trio. My rating for Series 7 Pt2 would go like this:

1) Cold War
2) Nightmare is Silver
3) Bells of Saint John
4) Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
5) The Crimson Horror
6) Hide
7) Rings of the Musical Piece of Crap

Bare in mind though I only liked Cold War, Nightmare in Silver and Bells of Saint John. After that it was just the best of a bad situation.

Also, anyone else think "The Bells of Saint John" didn't really work for the episode? I mean it worked for like the first five minutes, but after that, was a bit...out of place. Something like "The Impossible Girl" would have worked better.

Valin wrote: View Post
I think Clara's personality being somewhat different week by week is actually part of the story arc. One of the reasons she's the Impossible Girl. She has become one of my favorite Companians of all time.

Moffat is doing a wonderful job with the characters and the show. He keeps improving, as opposed to the last showrunner who started out strong , but unfortunately started losing it towards the end (though his shows were still enjoyable).
I quite like Clara too. I think my top companions though (in no particular order) would have to be Perry, Ace, and Rose.

I disagree. There were many great episodes at the end of RTDs run. I love End of Time. Lots of people seem to like Waters on Mars. The Davros one was great.

RTD did some stinkers in his early years too. Just none of them being in the Eccleson series. New Earth for example was terrible from what I can remember.
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