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This was my most anticipated film of the year. However, the more footage I've seen, the more my anticipation has waned. From the first line spoken by Cumberbatch's character in the teaser, the more this just looks like Star Trek trying to channel The Dark Knight. It did not help that there was little in the way of actual space footage in the trailer and more of a focus on a ground-based setting. So it did not really feel like I was watching a trailer for a Trek film.

I feel there's been some dis-ingenuousness when it comes to the marketing. It's like they're trying to keep up this old fan rumor that this somehow actually involves Khan (Look! Carol Marcus with a torpedo-like device! Spock making a sacrifice! Maybe?). That somehow this character isn't what he appears. But in keeping him a mystery, I'm not getting much of a reason why I should get fired up for this. And while they seem to be going out of their way to keep his motives secret, I'm startled at how casually they've shown the apparent destruction of the Enterprise.

I know I keep using words like "seem" and "apparent" because I know the Abrams team is all about misdirection. That's why I'm hoping there's a lot more to this. I've been a life-long Trek fan, so naturally I hope this movie does well.
Wonderful review of the commercials. I personally want to see and review the film myself.
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