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Re: Do You Believe the Official Chronology?

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Well, clearly the 20th Century we lived in and the one that is in Star Trek's past are not the same, and never really have been.
Star Trek was meant to be our future. Which is why, when its speculation about what the future will be is shown to be wrong, it should be ignored.
I dunno, I tend to agree with Mysterion that Trek's timeline/universe/whatever is not the same as ours.

The most compelling argument for this in TOS itself is "Assignment: Earth". The Enterprise travels back in time to the same year that the episode aired in, and both superpowers were launching orbital nuclear weapons platforms in that period. This wasn't the writers speculating on the future; this was them setting a story in their present and having something happen that they knew wasn't happening in reality. That pretty much cements the fact that Star Trek's 1968 was not the same as ours, and deliberately so.
Disagree strongly. Despite the nuclear test ban treaty, lots of people then and since believed that nukes really were put in orbit. That general belief, fueled by the oft-stated willingness on both sides to retaliate in full to use of atomics and the general 'he who controls space controls the world' spiel that had been with us awhile at that point, all fed into this suspicion.

Part of this was because of Project Icarus, which was the idea of using nukes to deflect or destroy big rocks headed our way (sounds as relevant as ever lately.) This whole notion formed the backstory for the insanely shitty movie METEOR.

Also, if nukes had gotten put up there by both sides, it would cause one helluva panic if discovered. So it would behoove all parties to not inform on each other, and thus maintain a conspiracy of silence. That's the kind of thing which does happen on occasion in history, with the truth only coming out much later after most or all of the principals are dead, perhaps not until much closer to TREK's time if records were sealed and suppressed.

With all that in mind, these hidden/secret aspects of 1968 referenced in A:E would fit right in with making the year important enough for them to timetravel to witness (although you'd also wonder if they looked in on Eugenicists & genetic scientist folk as well as a guy who would have been a teenager around that time named Khan Singh.)
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