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Re: DS9 Season 6 Rewatch

I guess whenever I see the term "Filler" in regards to episode descriptions, I see it used as a bit of a negative connotation. I see that was not the case here, but it is why I just don't like the term "filler". I mean TNG was a episodic TV show, but I wouldn't call their episodes filler. Filler to me sounds like a type of show that the crew didn't have their best time at and it served as a bridge from one episode to another. When I think of Rocks and Shoals, there's just too much important stuff in there to see it labeled as "filler". It was a great character study, and the stuff on the planet explained the entire dominion war from a philosophical point of view. That's more than what I've come to understand "Filler" being defined here.
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