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Far Point Fleet

Far Point Fleet

“We are alone…We stand unafraid, staring into the darkness of the unknown and find in our hearts courage instead of fear. We are the men and women of Far Point Fleet. We are charged with establishing a strong Federation presence here, so far from Sector 001…And we will succeed.” ~ Fleet Admiral James “Rook” Mirtoh

Based out of Starbase 25, precariously positioned far from known space, Far Point Fleet stands ready to meet the challenges that come from being so far from home.

Assignment to Far Point Fleet is considered the most dangerous and exciting post that Starfleet has to offer since the potential for excitement is greater here than anywhere else in the known universe.

Do you have what it takes to explore the great unknown? Do you have what it takes to work so far from support and protection? If you do, then come and join us. We are FAR POINT FLEET. Application for Far Point Fleet
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