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Re: Voyager fanfics and creations

Voyager Fan Fiction Alert!
Twist of Fate: Wyrd

Wyrd: Chakotay experiences the most unique vision quest of his life and then finds that he has brought someone back with him from his vision. Blessings of the Sky Spirits--was originally posted on its own as a PWP, but when the naughty bits were removed there were less than 3 pages so we're posting it as a prologue to Wyrd here.

The Twist of Fate series assumes canon for Voyager up to the episode Timeless and breaks off from there. The Twist of Fate stories weave through some of the canon episodes (the series is currently up to Season 6 in terms of the most recent installments) but is an alternate universe.

The character of Chakotay was initially described as 'spanning two cultures, part of both yet belonging to neither.' Unfortunately, that dual nature was never really brought out in the series. Since the Starfleet uniform and his duties on Voyager would be representative of the modern world, we created an original character specifically to reflect the spiritual/traditional part of his life. The intent of this series was to develop the spiritual side of Chakotay's nature to more evenly match the modern aspect of his nature--to balance him out, so to speak. It is a series of romance stories (the ones that can be edited down to PG-13 at any rate), so it is primarily focused on Chakotay and his relationship with our original character. There is a minor thread of K/7 that pops up throughout the series as well, showing how we think a budding romantic relationship might have worked for those two characters.

This is an edited down version of the original. If you're over 18 and interested in the non-PG-13 version of the story (or in the stories that couldn't be edited down to PG-13 at all), it can be found at Whoa Nellie's Sci-Fi Romance Fanfiction website in the Voyager index. There are links from our author page to our websites (since they contain R and NC-17 material, we don't link directly to there from BBS).

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