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Re: Cacelled Shows 2012-2013

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It is a shame about 1600 Penn though. I thought it would be stupid but I ended up finding it really funny. And the finale was a shocker!
1600 Penn was stupid, but it was the good kind of stupid, like Monk. It was light and fun and let us just have a ball with a topic that usually makes people want to throw things at each other.

My favorite moment of the show was where the Pres had to make a difficult decision about an appointment, then they did a jump cut where he said "I've made a decision...I'M GOING TO THE RANCH!"

Also Breaking Bad is ending after one more run of shows this summer, right? Pickings getting slimmer. And Dexter is ending but they haven't had a good season since early.

Also no good serial dramas or serial scifi shows. I guess NBC is trying with Revolution. Nifty premise and setting, but they forgot that Lost had a ridiculously awesome cast. I should try again to like Mad Men.
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