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Re: Do we take "fanon" too literally?

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Like the issue of Bolians' membership in the Federation, supposedly it has never actually been said they are members, and there are those who insist they can't be because of that.
There was a TNG script mentioned in an interview that featured Mr Mot's barbershop conversation that would have revealed that the Bolians' homeworld wasn't a member of the UFP, but the scene was dropped, unfilmed, for time.

Since then, of course, DS9 had made a Bolian the Commandant of Starfleet Academy.

The Wormhole wrote: View Post
Riverside declared themselves the birthplace of Captain Kirk in March 1985, over a year before Trek IV's release (November 1986).
Correct. The line in ST IV was an in-joke callout to the Riverside campaigners.
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