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Re: RoboCop: The Series

I remember seeing the Pilot and seeing a few episodes and enjoying it. This thread has made me interested in seeing it again.

On RoboCop 2, the story was from Frank Miller. That explains it. I do not mean that as a compliment, I have never been a fan of his writing. I am aware the finished film is different from his original script but his influence was still clear.

My Dad took me when I was 12 years old to see this. Which looking back was crazy. He was the type who did not concern himself to much with what my bother, sister, and I saw in term of violence in movies. But afterward even he felt this was was too much for us and knew if our mom knew what it was really liked she would be angry.

It was different back than. Without the internet it was not as easy to know what the content of a movie was before seeing it. My Dad was, and still is not, the type to read reviews. Which reminds he took us to see Howard the Duck thinking it was cartoon. But later realizing some of the mild sexual stuff and the monster at the end was a bit too much for us. I was 8 and my brother and sister were younger. I just remember it being cool to see the girl who played Marty's Mom in Back to the Future again.

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