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Re: United Earth? No Thanks.

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Politically I think each country would run itself much as before, surely?
The central government would always want to exert some control to establish uniform standards and generally work its will in policy matters.
Thinking about this, the "world government" could be designed and structured so as that it solely dealt with diplomatic relations between Earth and other species, general interstellar matters and sending a representative to the Federation Council. After that the world government would effectively have no powers what-so-ever. The national governments of Earth would each send a representative to the body. The Prime Minister or President of a nation might themselves choose a subordinate directly, or simply leave the selection to their Secretary of State. Call the representative to the world government a "Undersecretary for Interstellar Affairs," or something like that.

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I think people are confusing nationality with ethnicity here. I meant let's face it in ST Earth there will be ethnic minorities living quite happily who did not evolve on Earth ...
If a Andorian family immigrated from Andor to Earth and settled in Australia, would they be (after paperwork) a citizen of Earth, or a citizen of Australia?

I think they'd be a citizen of Australia.

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