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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

Pauln6 wrote: View Post
It felt like a cruel slap in the face for Majel.
Oh c'mon!

Fans have been panicking here for months re "Who's going to voice the computer now that Majel is gone?" I wasn't expecting to see Chapel onscreen, and I loved that she scored a mention in a funny and informative scene.

I saw the Chapel namedrop as an acknowledgement of the Chapel/Marcus friendship that was a major part of the bonus material in the ST III novelization (or a fluke coincidence).

I would also not be surprised if Chapel finds Korby on her own this time, perhaps in an IDW comic, for a spin on "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" It would be an interesting adventure for Science Officer 0718, too, when the Enterprise is called in to help.

I was both pleased but also a bit miffed that the security guards they chose to feature appeared to be Hendorff and Boma. Nice to see a comic character brought to life
Hendorff was namedropped in IDW's comics and STiD, but he's Cupcake from the first movie. And credited as "Cupcake" in this movie.

So how is he "a comic character brought to life"?
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