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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

The plotting of the movie was quite poor but I really enjoyed the little nods to the comics.

Minor Spoilers:
I was both pleased but also a bit miffed that the security guards they chose to feature appeared to be Hendorff and Boma. Nice to see a comic character brought to life but what a wasted opportunity to feature Zahra or Janice and even up the women a bit more.
Epic fail on the sexism front yet again btw.
I was genuinely upset that they officially wrote out Chris Chapel. It seemed like a really pointless thing to do, especially as they featured some nurses later on and even had a scene involving biological research that would have been perfect for her. It felt like a cruel slap in the face for Majel. I'm hoping that it was a deliberate Easter egg for an upcoming comic story. There are some suggestions that this might be the case but if it's not wtf were they thinking?

I am really looking forward to the 3 issue movie sequel as I've been moaning about the stories being too short for some time. Despite my reservations about the movie and the foolhardy way they keep amping the tech without understanding the potential consequences, I'm also hoping an adaptation is coming out to fill in the gaps.
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