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Re: Voyager fanfics and creations

Thank you everyone for the pics, fakes, vids and stories! I don't have time to give individual feedback to everyone, but I just wanted to say you're all amazingly talented :thumbsup:

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I have updated my website with an avatar/icon page, plus there is another BSG music vid up if anyone is interested.

My home page
Oh, wow! I'll never be a C/7 fan myself, but I know others enjoy it. I had to say thank you for all the screencaps featuring Chakotay and/or Robert I_N_H. Especially this one -

It made me pull out the "Endgame" special features DVD and watch the behind the scenes 'Coming Home' bit. I haven't been able to do it 'til now cos I guessed it would be too emotional - and I was right - but I wanted to see why Jeri was cuddling up to Robert. It was a very sweet, poignant moment between friends as they waited for a shot to be set up
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