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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Warp drive doesn't equate to impossible physics (the need for infinite energy to accelerate past light speed for example),
I never said that it did. What I said was:

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In other words, the kinetic energy of a ship moving at warp really can't be as huge as one might assume, if one were to extrapolate from known physics alone. For, if it were, it would be too huge for the warp drive to work at all.
I also quoted some on-screen Trek to back up what I was saying. Yet you assert:

anotherdemon wrote: View Post
Hence, a ship, no matter how light, moving at warp, will literally toast a planet if it hits such whilst at warp.
Now, I'm genuinely curious: can you quote any on-screen Trek to back up what you're saying?

I haven't seen the new film. What I said about that was:

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I eagerly look forward to seeing how STiD deals with this next week.
Is there something in the new film that supports what you are saying?

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Now, on the other hand, a ship traveling at a high sublight speed, but without a warp field, and smashing into a planet could certainly cause a catastrophe.
No comment about what I said here?
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