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Re: RoboCop: The Series

Very interesting stuff, Christopher. I have to agree, aside from the sanitisation of the material (which as you rightly said is more in the way it is presented than it is in actual content), "The Future Of Law Enforcement" did feel to me much more like a true and proper follow-up to the original movie. Definitely more so than did RoboCop 2. It's interesting to note that it was scripted by the original scriptwriters of the first movie, and that it bears all the first movies' hallmarks of striking a delicate balance between drama and humor. I always felt RoboCop 2 in particular lost sight of that. It always felt like a very bitter movie experience, excessively so.

I'm aware of course that Madigan develops in a very different direction in subsequent episodes, but certainly in terms of this script she's a basic replacement for Lewis (I've read that characters were renamed from the movie for rights reasons, and can easily imagine a first draft where Madigan was named Anne Lewis). While I never really got the chance to enjoy the series at the time, I do recall the action figure line. I had the Robo, Madigan, Robo's squad car and Captain Cash figures. Without the context of having seen the series, Madigan's uniform appearance always struck me as basically being Lewis. Its a perception which unfairly colored my viewing of the pilot, but I am interested in seeing where they go with her.
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