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My unoriginal and pointless thoughts on the film, move along

Just in from the film. WOW. Loved this a bit more than the first one and that's saying a lot from me.

I think we're lucky to have a director of JJ's quality who can look at the franchise from a neutral standpoint, cherry pick the best bits and discard the stuff that doesn't work.
As fans, I think we'd be the first to admit that across the entire franchise, not every episode and film is a winner yet we love it all anyway because they're our favourite family of characters on our favourite ships in our favourite universe.
JJ can take it all from a neutral perspective and just process what works to give us Trek 2.0, the most refined Trek product we've had to date!

And the secrecy? I'm so glad I got into this movie without knowing the true details of Harrison.
Brave move by JJ too, to have a secret wrapped in a secret wrapped in disinformation wrapped in misinformation wrapped in red herrings.....and then still not have him as the primary protagonist in the movie!
And Nimoy? Didn't know that either! Great surprise, tho a twinge of sadness that I got the last time I saw Q on screen.....
Looking very old and I hope that's not the last time I see his face on my movie screen!
(Tho, did they touch up his image using CG or just heavy make up? Looked.....different somehow...)

Sleek new ship too, not enough of it. The TOS era version of the DS9 version of the Defiant class? Warship built to combat an oncoming threat? MORE OF IT PLEASE!!

And minor thing, but the new warp effect was hella cool.
Don't quite know why it needed changing, but it looked like a huge combo of the original movie era rainbow effect and the TNG era stretching, fantastic.

Now, Kahn and Klingons for Trek 3 please! C'mon, make Marcus right and make the Klingon war happen! NO BORG!

OK,. now I've finished saying the same things everyone else has probably said in threads I've deliberately stayed away from, I'm off to catch up on all the juicy threads I've missed!
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