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There is NO single film that is ruined by removing color.
A film historian too, then?

How about films that are in B&W part of the time, color in others?

Better still, how about reflecting the intent of the film's makers by leaving it the hell alone.
Film, is a buisness like any other. And like most buisness it is making money. If a studio thinks it'll make more money by saying colourising a film, redoing the FX etc.. The might just do it. Now do I have problem with watching a B&W film, do I object to seeing a colourised version of a B&W film not really. Do I mind B&W scenes or particular coloured lens filters being used in certain scenes during a film of course not. Film is as much a visual medium and sometimes a change in colour in a film either B&W/lens colour etc.. enhances the mood of the scene. Now of course others might have different opinions than me which is just fine.

If it's about respecting the original intent of the film makers to give an example, if Lucas said the re-mastered original SW trilogy was his original intent but the technology of the 70's/80's prevented him from achieving it why was there such an outcry about it?
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