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Re: Poll: Star Trek (2009) vs Into Darkness (Spoilers)

I went to see this move with my Dad who didn't rate the first one at all (mainly because he hated the Spock/Uhura relationship and hates it when Spock shows any hint of emotion, plus doesn't really understand the whole timeline issue...but then this was a guy who didn't understand the Batman movies were a reboot and asked me how Heath Ledgers Joker took over from Jack Nicholson's Joker, bless him )

Afterwards he was stunned by how good it was and said it was the best star trek movie of all of them!

I was stunned by this myself, he only came begrudgingly because it was my Birthday and he thought he might get some Space Battles out of it (he's not an action fan per se but since he didn't like the first one he thought that's the only part he'd like...) and ended up loving it so much he sought out a documentary on JJ on the BBC this evening...."Oh, he was the Cloverfield guy, well that explains it I liked that too..., OH and LOST as well!!"

I think this film converted him and might even make him reconsider the first one in retrospect.

Me? Well I loved the first and thought this was even better, the best summer blockbuster by far and one with a lot of heart and character to go with its awe-inspiring action scenes.
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