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Re: Star Trek Needs a Gay Character and Here’s How to Do It

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Why does everyone jump to sex when talking about a gay relationship? We have romantic interests already in Star Trek. What is the difference between a romantic interest that is gay and one that is straight? Except, that it would show that it's okay in the 23rd century (or 24th) to have a homosexual relationship?

Imagine if Uhura was a man and comforted Spock in the turbolift? Is that gratuitous sex? I don't think so. I am constantly bambazzled by the fact that a woman can have her shirt off and grind on a guy in a movie, show her in her skivvies (Uhura in '09 or the Green chick?), but a touch of hands or a kiss and suddenly it's too much sex? Double standard much?
I don't think anyone here is against minor physical affection. But there's a difference between that and full-on sex.
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