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How's the international box office going? It's been out since Thursday in several countries. How often do Box Office Mojo update the global figures? I don't really care that much about box office, I just hope films I like make enough to warrant a sequel
According to forums and forums I know that it is doing twice the $$ as ST09 in Germany, about the same as ST09 in UK and OZ and it has flopped in Hong Kong (same as ST09). Thats it for now.

EDIT: If I had to take a guess I would say STID will not do as well as Paramount will have hoped for overseas and I think the target should be approximately $180-$200m. Though that is a decent increase on ST09 (128m) it may not be a sufficient return on investment assuming Paramount upped the international marketing budget. I don't think that jeopardises another movie being made but perhaps they might consider changing the release date or lowering the budget.
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