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What I think is being said is that we accept Trek for what it really was, not some idealized head canon. It didn't bother us before, why should it matter now?
I think we do but we were/are much more forgiving of 'old' Trek, given the financial and time restraints in churning out episode after episode. And in regards to the films, pretty much everyone rips into Generations or First Contact for its internal plot inconsistencies. Why should 'nu' Trek be immune to such criticism?
It bothered me before. I laughed about it, enjoyed the episode, and moved on. I think it's probably partly because now that there is no Trek on TV we only get a fix once every few years and partly because of the nature of the reboot and because the nuTrek writers seem almost brazenly and deliberately sloppy and that there are so many dodgy plot patches in such a short amount of story-telling that people seem to get a bit more animated about these movies.
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