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Never had the impression they just got there all that fast, thought it showed that the battle took hours, since the fleet was only mostly decimated by the time they arrived.
It didn't seem to take the Borg very long to kick the Fleet's ass in The Best of Both Worlds. And we have absolutely no proof that it took them any longer in First Contact.

It seems to me that those that like a Trek movie will go out of their way to defend a 'goof'. Those that dislike a film will condemn it based on the same exact thing.
That'd be well reasoned -- if I actually liked FIRST CONTACT.

However, I have always found it to be one of the biggest blown opportunities in the whole film series. I imagine that I've spent more wordage on this board bitching about this one than any other of the first ten films, except of course SEARCH FOR SPOCK.

See? I wasn't defending it, simply noting the way it played for me when I saw it.

And now that I think of it, BOBW was pre-DEFIANT too, so Starfleet's stuff would have been at least a little more effective after years of R&D, or so one could assume. Plus I think there's dialog to the effect that the borg ship has been damaged to some extent, which also suggests Starfleet was able to damage and/or slow down this cube.
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