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Re: 7X12 Nightmare in Silver(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS)

Abject rubbish. But at least not as bad as last week.

Did anyone else think it felt really cheap as well? The presence of children didn't help, but that aside it looked very CBBC. And not in the way that it's meant to because it was set in a sort of theme park or whatever. I lose track a little of the series and numbers since they split them, but even compared to stuff as recent The God Complex and The Girl Who Waited it looks very different and significantly worse. Could just be the lighting. For example, there wasn't a single point that the shined up Cybermen didn't look like plastic. Not once were they convincingly metal, though the design is at least a bit better than the Cybusmen ones.

Narrative's gone to pot this series too. Even though there's different writers, the whole narrative flow is out the window in all of them. It's just things happening. It makes RTD's tripe look like rigid adherence to form.

So far as it was understandable as a story though, there was a lot of poor things. Jar Jar Smith's "Mesa got ice cream ticket" wasn't as cringeworthy as his spitfire impressions in AGMGTW for example, but still is completely unjustifiable in a character that is meant to be the Doctor. And why didn't he leave the children in the TARDIS, rather than in a creepy room with a dead Cyberman? Speaking of Jar Jar, all the Cybermen falling down a bit in some silly plotting akin to actually using Geordi's shape in I, Borg was a lot like the battle droids in The Phantom Menace. And what was even going on anyway? Just absolute rubbish really.
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