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Re: 7X12 Nightmare in Silver(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS)

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These are the original Telos cybermen. Apparently they have been the original ones since 2010 when they got their C symbols removed, it's just a coincidence they look the same.
It's never been stated on screen that that's the case.
I know right, when the new cybermen were announced I still thought it was the Lumic Cybermen. I was wondering where they all came from.

They've not even really stated it now. This seems to be a problem with Moffat lately. Not really any explanation for where they grabbed the new dalek emperor from, why they're using the RTD daleks again (we know in real life why they are, but no on screen explanation), where the fuck Skaro's come from, and where the hell has the Asylum planet come from. Annother thing that bugs me is the doctor seems to have given up with the daleks now, before he tried to completely eradicate them, now he just leaves them, doesn't even try to destroy them. And now there's been no explanation for the Telosian Cybermen coming back.
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