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Re: 7X12 Nightmare in Silver(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS)

A jolly good episode! Was pretty much how I expected it. Almost only put 4/5, but I think this deserves that extra rating. Matt Smith acted his ass off, Warwick Davies was great, and the Cybermen are fantastic!

I feel however this would have worked so much better as a two parter like Asylum of the Daleks would have also benefited from that.

I particularly enjoyed the pictures of all the doctors, I love it when they put in past references. The episode reminded me of Earthshock for some reason, the soldiers uniform looked similar to the ones worn by the Earthshock crew. Also enjoyed the evil doctor. "Mister Clever" made me laugh a bit.

Probably in my top 5 Smith episodes (although there's a lot of his episodes I can't stand, but still), I think I still prefer a lot of the other cybermen stories by far though. Yet again which has been a problem with a lot of series 7 episodes is that too much was crammed into one episode. This could have benefited from being a two parter, maybe even a three parter. Same with Asylum.
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