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Re: OMG has it really been 10 years?

ENT was the only Star Trek series that just never appealed to me. I tried more than a few times to get into it, but there were more things about the show I didn't like than things I did like and I finally gave up on it a little bit into the third season. I did get back into it (somewhat) during the fourth season and thought that it was getting into the things that I wanted to see in a TOS prequel just as the plug had been pulled.

It remains my least favorite Trek series, but my attitude towards it has softened from mild contempt to ambivalence over years.

As far as what I'd done differently if I was running it, I'd probably would have just set it 50 years earlier in time, steered totally clear of Klingons & Romulans, and probably would have the Andorians as the actual bad guys of the series. No TCW is without saying. And rather than have the Enterprise be the only ship of its kind out there, I would have shown that she's not and featured more stories involving other Starfleet vessels and Earthbases throughout Sector 001. I also would have rewritten (and renamed) T'Pol and Phlox as human characters but retained their personalities.

Archer would have been rewritten to be more amiable & level-headed to better suit Scott Bakula and Mayweather more dynamic to better suit Anthony Montgomery. Either that or recast both roles.

R. Star wrote:
Drop all that Temporal Cold War nonsense. Seriously, I don't know what Berman and Braga's deal with time travel is...
The TCW wasn't something that Berman & Braga really wanted to do. The higher-ups wanted something post-VOY in the show so the TCW was what B&B came up with to satisfy them, but it was never something they truly had their hearts in, IMO. Had it been up to them, they probably never would have done the TCW and indeed dropped it like a bad habit after the third season (Manny Coto was the one that actually had to wrap the whole thing up early in the fourth season).
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