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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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^I would be willing to bet that's exactly what happened.

I'm really wondering what the heck Didio's vendetta against Stephanie is. It's like nobody is even allowed to mention her.
It's not a vendetta. He is following his editorial philosophy that dictates for well known comic properties only the most well known versions should be kept around and the lesser well known version should be either dumped into limbo or killed off or given some other role.

It's why he wanted Nightwing killed off in Infinite Crisis. He felt his evolution away from Robin was a mistake. The same for Wally West as Flash and Kyle as Green Lantern.
Then why isn't Wally West the Flash, or John Stewart the main Green Lantern? They were the ones in the Justice League cartoon which is the biggest exposure either of those characters have had in decades. Do you know how many times I heard people asking me why Green Lantern wasn't black when the movie was coming out? Growing up, Wally West was my Flash. Barry Allen was some guy that died before I was born.
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