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Re: Cacelled Shows 2012-2013

Of all the shows on the list, I'll miss Go On the most. I really came to love the show, moreso for it's supporting cast, including John Cho, than for Matthew Perry.

Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23, Happy Endings, How to Live With Your Parents For The Rest of Your Life all fell under the "eh, there's nothing else to watch on, I'll watch these" category. Like 1001001, I only watched How to Live With Your Parents for Sarah Chalke. In all honesty, it felt like a watered down "Don't Trust the B---[/i], with Polly instead of June, and the parents instead of Chloe. That and the fact that the first episode, with her running out of her old life, in the rain, with her daughter made it seem like her (then) husband was a horrible human being, but then they seemed to pull back on that and made him a lovable loser type, whom Polly, in the most recent episode, tried to hook up with a hot woman.

I never loved Happy Endings as much as sources like Entertainment Weekly did. I was happy to see Eliza Coupe, as she was one of the best things about the last few seasons of Scrubs, which, I admit, is damning with faint praise.

The Office paled in comparison to what it used to be and it should have bowed out gracefully a few years ago. Futurama due to it's schedule and the fact that it's been cancelled before doesn't even register to me. Maybe, after seeing the last episodes, I'll miss it more, but it could have been cancelled a year or two ago for all it's affecting me.
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