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I like how whenever someone highlights a flaw in 'nu' Trek the go to defense is that old Star Trek did it worse. That's like saying it's okay for someone to mug an old lady because their dad did it as well.
It's not a "defense" - it's an attempt to make the complainers be honest, if that's possible.
Enterprise has been lampooned mercilessly for its mistakes, which is on par with nuTrek.

I'm the first to acknowledge old Trek's many flaws but they didn't have the Internet to cross reference things and nobody knew Trek would become such a phenomenon back then let alone one with such a rich wealth of lore. The end result was silly but the mistake was excusable.

Less so today.

And that goes triple for the negligent sexism.

And quadruple for abusing known laws of physics (and I'm talking supernovas, black holes, and freefalling objects hitting a planet's atmosphere.
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