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Re: DS9 Season 6 Rewatch

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Four episodes in, I'm enjoying the sixth season. Very glad to see the return of the Female Shapeshifter. And I liked the new, really arch Vorta in "Rocks and Shoals."
Rocks and Shoals for all practical purposes is a filler episode... but a great one. The dynamic and respect between the Jem'Hadar Third and Sisko is great and Keevan is the utterly despicable villain. But he'll get poetic justice in the Magnificent Ferengi.

Really the whole Occupation arc was excellent and well done. I love that DS9 was willing to upset the status quo. I just remember the first time I watched A Time to Stand how... creepy it was. Dukat was giving the captain's log, him, Damar and Weyoun were parading around DS9 like they owned it(and they did), and the good guys were displaced. Not to mention the drastic direction everyone's character arcs took. No one from this story arc was really unchanged by the end of it.
Rocks and Shoals is not a filler episode. It's probably the most pivotal episode in the entire arc. Maybe not for the reasons of the Jem'Hadar storyline (Even though that vorta does come back) but it changes Kira's attitude about the entire occupation in one of the most gruesome and biggest scenes in the entire series.
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