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Re: The Martok Appreciation Thread

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For me what best demonstrates how Martok was written so genuinely Klingon is in the finale; while Sisko and Admiral Ross refuse to toast their taking of Cardassia because of the mass slaughter that has taken place, Martok relishes in his victory, chuckles at the humans "ethics" and guzzles his bloodwine. I love it when aliens don't conform to humanity's own sense of morality.
I always thought Sisko and Ross were out of line. Not wanting to share the toast is one thing, but pouring it on the ground and turning their backs is pretty insulting to Martok.
Yeah, where I come from, if someone hands you a drink and you pour it on the ground, that is an insult. Politely refusing would've been better. I thought Martok was quite considerate not to take that personally. But he always demonstrated a knack for dealing with other races. Not kicking Nog's butt that one episode was another example.
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