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Re: Star Trek Needs a Gay Character and Here’s How to Do It

If Star Trek were to ever make an overt attempt to portray a Gay character they should do it EXACTLY in the mold presented by Caprica.

In that show good old Joe Adama has a super macho hardened criminal brother who just so happens to be gay. We get a simple reveal when he comes home one day for the camera to pan and reveal that he has a husband. They have your every day general discourse and move on.

No grand moment, nothing. Just a matter-of-fact everyday occurance type scene. And in 2013 that is how such scenes should be played, especially in another or a distant future where Gay acceptance is a silly notion because "why wouldn't it it be accepted?"

Showing sex scenes and things of like to show how accepting you are isn't really doing that. And straight or Gay I find them to be a waste of screen time. Yes. They are actions taken by every couple in real life but in a film or TV show they only serve to slow a story down as showing sex rarely adds to a story and usually serves as a time killer or a way to get eyes on your movie but personally I find that they serve no purpose in a well told story.
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