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Do we know if this alleged top secret media event even took place? Are any other journalists talking about the event? If not, definitely fake. If they are, should be easy enough for them to deny the storyline.
In retrospect, the thing that really gives it away as being fake is the person claiming that their sister works for DWM and that's how they got to see it. DWM has a tiny staff and it would be easy to find out who it was and for them to lose their job if it was true.
I thought hat, and a look at the DWM masthead would show that women are short on the supply on their editorial team. But then again, the reference to the Doctor Who Magazine could mean Doctor Who Adventures, and there are plenty of women working on that..
However, I still suspect it's a fake.

As for the 'top secret media event': there's been a press screening for all important episodes for a long time (till five years ago I'd have been at it... last on was The Next Doctor). Prior to that they did them for the season starts, but they moved over to also doing the finales rather than sending them out as preview discs to better control access (if someone's got a disc, then can show it to a friend). But these screenings/discs often omit the final scenes (for instance, the Army of Ghosts disc cut just as the Void Sphere opened, without revealing what it contained). From the DWM preview of next week's ep,, that seems to be the case with the final scene of this season (ie, if rumour is correct, the surprise appearance of another Doctor in the last show).
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