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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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If CBS-D is now taking on even S6, does it mean that either
- MV's job on S4 is not that stellar either (its easy to hide in trailer, remember even for S2 trailer was not the point where lower quality was so universally noticed)
- CBS-D will spend less time on remastering of individual seasons and the overall quality might suffer
- CBS-D is now having majority of stock VFX assets pre-created and remastering of a season will now take less time
Or d) CBS Digital is doing S5 and S6. They're farming out S7 for cheap since frankly "All Good Things" is probably going to be that season's standalone release, and that's the only episode most people care about anyways.
Don't speak for me. I want Season 7 done just as well as the other seasons. Just because it's weaker than other seasons doesn't mean should be done hap-hazardly either. Besides, some great episodes like Lower Decks, Parallels, Pre-emptive Strike, All Good Things, the Gambit 2 parter, and The Pegasus, were in this season.
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