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I'm in the US so I haven't seen the movie yet, and can't comment on it's specifics, but I think travel time has easily been one of the least consistent aspects of the entire franchise. So any travel time issues in this movie don't really worry me at all.
Yes, I understand where you are coming from and I agree. The new travel time from Earth to Klingon homeworld is about 2 minutes... does this concur with the rest of the franchise movies/eps thus far? I think not. Its unprecedented. Except for Star Trek V which is universally derided and dismissed. (Centre of the galaxy in 6 hours)
Yeah, this trip was quite fast. But I believe it is mainly because they didnīt have any scenes in the crew quarters this time either. In the past, they have travelled great distances in a very short time too, but they always have had one or two scenes in the crew quarters (or ready room etc) that made you believe it takes longer time.
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