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Re: YOUR Favorite TARDIS Corridors!

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I loved the wooden control room myself. That should have been Hartnell's all along.
I don't think that would've worked. By the 14th season, when viewers were well acquainted with the Doctor and the TARDIS and their origins in an advanced alien civilization, a retro design to the console room could work, but back when the show was new, it would've just been confusing. The original TARDIS interior needed to look advanced and futuristic in order to sell its nature to the audience, to drive home the idea that inside this commonplace police box was a space-time vessel from an unimaginably advanced civilization. The retro elements were expressed in the Doctor's wardrobe. It was the incongruous blend of past (his wardrobe), present (the police-box exterior), and future (the high-tech ship interior) that sold the idea of the Doctor as a man out of time and a traveler through all times.
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